Who can Apply?

Who can Apply?

Registered Canadian dairy processors, finished food product manufacturers, and food technology centres involved in the development, manufacture and/or utilisation of Canadian dairy products and ingredients are considered eligible under the MIF. They are defined as follows:

Dairy Processor

A dairy product manufacturer holding or applying for a valid license to operate a dairy plant facility.

Finished Food Product Manufacturer

A food manufacturer that manufactures further processed products including but not limited to baked goods, confectionery, prepared foods (frozen, sealed), nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products, beverages, cosmetic products, pet food, and processed meats.

Food Technology Centre (FTC)

A CDC recognized Canadian food technology centre or food science institute that offers expertise in the areas of food product development and food analysis.

Other Organizations

Other types of organizations (such as milk marketing boards, food processor associations, etc.) that want to support projects from their members by matching CDC's investment are also considered eligible under the MIF.

Project Application and Review Process

A company or Food Technology Centre (FTC) wishing to submit an application under the CDC MIF must follow the 2-step application and review process described below.

Step 1: Project Summary Form

The first step of the application process is to provide the CDC with a brief description of the project using the Project Summary Form in Appendix 3 of the Program Guide

An applicant submitting a Project Summary Form will be contacted by phone or e-mail by the CDC if additional information is needed to complete the preliminary evaluation process. Based on this evaluation, the CDC will determine within 10 business days whether the applicant may proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Project Application

In the second step, the applicant is required to submit a detailed account of the planned activities of the project using the Project Application Guide (supplied by the CDC). The applicant must demonstrate how the application addresses all of the stated eligibility requirements and evaluation criteria, based on the amount of funding expected from the CDC (≤ $10,000, ≤ $50,000 or ≥ $50,000) and on the complexity and risks associated with the Project. As shown in Appendix 4: Evaluation Criteria Based on CDC's Contribution in the Program Guide, the lower the CDC's contribution and a project's complexity and risks are, the fewer details the applicant will be required to provide.

Upon review of the project application, the applicant will be contacted by the CDC for an interview by conference call to complete and/or validate the information provided in the application documents. Once all the required information has been received, the CDC MIF Review Committee will complete its evaluation of the project and will determine within 30 business days whether the application is deemed to qualify under the CDC MIF.

Evaluation of Applications

The CDC MIF Review Committee will evaluate each application based on the eligibility requirements set out in Section 2 of this Guide, and its anticipated benefits and risk.

Projects which emphasize the use of solids non-fat (SNF) ingredients such as skim milk powder (SMP) milk protein concentrate (MPC) or liquid skim will be given priority attention under the CDC MIF and may be eligible for an increased level of funding.

An applicant involved in the development of a dairy product high in milk fat (such as butter or butter oil) must demonstrate how the remaining SNF components will be treated/commercialized.

In the case where an applicant is seeking funding from other sources (e.g.: provincial and federal governments and/or institutions), the additional sources of funding, along with the amounts being requested, must be fully disclosed to the CDC at time of application. Monies provided under the CDC MIF shall not serve to support activities specifically covered by other funds or grants.

If a project is approved, the funds would be provided as follows:

  • 50% at the halfway mark in the project subject to the receipt of a detailed progress report accompanied by proof of payment of approved expenses;
  • 50% following the successful completion of all the approved activities and receipt of a final written report accompanied by proof of payment of approved expenses.