FAQ about the Matching Investment Fund

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can apply for the CDC Matching Investment Fund?

    Registered Canadian dairy processors, finished food product manufacturers, and food technology centres involved in the development, manufacture and/or utilisation of Canadian dairy products and ingredients are considered eligible under the MIF. They are defined as follows:

    Dairy Processor:
    A dairy product manufacturer holding or applying for a valid license to operate a dairy plant facility.

    Finished Food Product Manufacturer:
    A food manufacturer that manufactures further processed products including but not limited to baked goods, confectionery, prepared foods (frozen, sealed), nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products, beverages, cosmetic products, pet food, and processed meats.

    Food Technology Centre (FTC):
    A CDC recognized Canadian food technology centre or food science institute that offers expertise in the areas of food product development and food analysis.

    Other Organizations:
    Other types of organizations (such as milk marketing boards, food processor associations, etc.) that want to support projects from their members by matching CDC's investment are also considered eligible under the MIF.

  • How long will it take for applications to be processed?

    The application process is divided into 2 steps:

    Step 1 - Project Summary Form;

    Step 2 - Project Application.

    Once a company has submitted the Project Summary Form, the CDC will determine within 10 business days whether the company or FTC may proceed to Step 2. If a project proceeds to Step 2, the applicant will submit the Project Application Form and the CDC will determine within 30 business days whether the project qualifies under the MIF.

  • Is there a deadline for applications for the Matching Investment Fund?

    No. Applications for the MIF will be accepted on a first come, first served basis subject to available funds.

  • How can I apply for the Matching Investment Fund?

    You can download the MIF Program Guide, which includes the Project Summary Form for initial application, or you can call the CDC's toll-free number 1-866-366-0676, or e-mail the program administrator (cdc.innovation.ccl@cdc-ccl.gc.ca) to receive a copy.

  • Can more than one project be submitted in the course of a year?

    Yes, an applicant can submit more than one project in the course of the year and receive funding for each eligible project. In this case, the projects must be significantly different from each other in terms of the nature of the product, its composition and the technical challenge(s) to be addressed.

  • Who should apply for funding when a company and a Food Technology Centre collaborate on the same project?

    The applicant must be the one who will match the CDC's contribution (50% of the costs associated with the project).

  • What is considered to be a new or innovative product?

    New and innovative products include but are not limited to: products that involve the transfer of new technologies or new processing techniques, products that are not currently manufactured in Canada and reformulated products that incorporate the use or increase use of Canadian dairy ingredients. In all cases, these new and innovative products must contribute to growing the business for Canadian milk products and ingredients. A variation of an existing Canadian dairy product or product formulation containing dairy ingredients and products marketed as organic, omega, kosher or halal do not necessarily constitute a new or innovative product under the MIF.

  • Can funding obtained from other sources be used as the applicant's contribution to cover 50% of the costs of the project?

    The CDC will only match the amount invested directly by the applicant. For example, in the case of a project amounting to $600,000 in total costs for which $400,000 can be obtained through other funding programs, the applicant would only be eligible to receive 50% of the remaining costs ($200,000) under the MIF.

  • How can I protect the confidentiality of the information relating to my project (studies, reports, etc.), that are to be shared with the CDC after the completion of the project?

    Specific terms and conditions regarding transfer of knowledge, confidentiality of information and intellectual property will be mutually agreed by the applicant and the CDC at the time of project approval and will be incorporated in the eventual Agreement to be signed.