Planning and reporting

The Canadian Dairy Commission publishes a large number of reports and assessments.  You can view these documents to learn more about the Commission.

Corporate plan summary

Access reports to see the Commission's objectives and expected performance for a five-year period. Corporate Plan Summaries are tabled in Parliament each spring.

Annual reports

Browse the reports to learn more about the Commission's accomplishments related to the plans, priorities and expected results as set out in the corresponding corporate plan summary. Annual reports are tabled in Parliament each fall.

Quarterly financial reports

Access the Commission's quarterly financial statements.

Proactive disclosure

Explore information that has been proactively disclosed by the Committee on Finance and Human Resources.

Requests completed under the Access to Information Act

Consult the list of access to information requests completed by the Commission.

Report of the Auditor General of Canada to the Board of the Canadian Dairy Commission

Read the findings, recommendations and responses presented in the report.

Canadian Dairy Commission Accessibility Plan

Accessibility is the lens through which the CDC’s overall vision, values and priorities are developed. The CDC’s goal is to be a workplace that is accessible by default.