Dairy organizations and associations

Canadian Dairy Industry Associations & Councils


  • Canadian Dairy Commission

    The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC), a federal Crown corporation, plays a central facilitating role for the multi-billion dollar Canadian dairy industry. The CDC's legislated objectives are to provide efficient producers of milk and cream with the opportunity of obtaining a fair return for their labour and investment; and to provide consumers with a continuous and adequate supply of dairy products of high quality.

  • Dairy Farmers of Canada

    Dairy Farmers of Canada is the national lobby, policy and dairy product promotion organization representing all dairy producers in Canada. Funded by producers, it is a non-profit organization structured as a federation of provincial milk marketing boards, dairy producers' associations, co-operatives and national dairy breed organizations.

    This site includes a variety of information on the dairy industry, including some nutritional information on various dairy ingredients.

  • Dairy Farmers of Canada - Nutrition Information

    This section of the Dairy Farmers of Canada's Web site includes information such as frequently asked questions (FAQs) for consumers, menu planning, and nutritional values. It also includes a profile on the Dietician of the Month!

  • Dairy Processors Association of Canada

    The Dairy Processors Association of Canada (DPAC/ATLC) is Canada's national industry association representing the public policy and regulatory interests of the Canadian dairy processing industry.

  • University of Guelph's Dairy Education eBooks Series

    The Dairy Science and Technology Web site focuses on milk, dairy products, and dairy technology. It was developed for use with an undergraduate course in dairy processing at the University of Guelph. It is freely available as a resource for university and secondary school students, industry personnel, and consumers around the world.

  • Alberta Food Processors Association

    Working with partners, the Alberta Food Processors Association (AFPA) builds the capacity/competitive advantage of its members to meet customer needs by providing members superior programs and services in the areas of safety and quality, training and development, marketing and logistics, and innovation. The Association acts as an advocate to provide a single voice for the industry.

  • Baking Association of Canada

    The Baking Association of Canada (BAC) is the national trade association representing Canada's baking industry. Their mission is "to foster the growth and development of a dynamic Canadian baking industry through advocacy and effective programs at the regional and national levels.

  • Food & Beverage Atlantic

    Food & Beverage Atlantic's mission quite simply as to do whatever it can to support the food processors in the region in their efforts to operate efficiently and profitably.

  • Food and Consumer Products Canada

    Focusing on member service and customer and public policy initiatives, the Food and Consumer Products Canada (FCPC) has established itself as a dominant food and consumer products association in Canada. Its mission is "to enhance growth and competitiveness of the food and consumer products manufacturing industry.

  • Food and Beverage Canada

    Food and Beverage Canada (FBC) was formed in June 1994 with a mandate to unite the international marketing efforts of the processing industry in Western Canada and to assist companies in their efforts to become export aware, ready and active.

  • Food Directorate

    The Food Directorate, in partnership with industry and governments, is the primary centre of knowledge of the food industry (the food and beverage processing, distribution and retail sectors) within the department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The Food Bureau team uses its knowledge and expertise to take a leadership role in assisting the industry to increase its ability to meet domestic and international market demand and to encourage and attract investment.

  • Food Industry Competitiveness Branch

    (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food)
    The Food Industry Competitiveness Branch (FICB) exists to help you build your food industry business in Ontario. It provides a wide range of information and advice. FICB consists of a Client Account Unit and an Investment Development Unit. Officers have expertise in particular sectors and have specific client assignments. The branch also has expertise in finance, infrastructure, training and research in the food industry.

  • Ontario Dairy Council

    The Ontario Dairy Council is the provincial trade association through which milk processors and marketers discuss matters of mutual interest and concern with representatives of government, consumers and milk producers. The Council's activities enable the Ontario dairy processing industry to tackle its challenges and meet its objectives. It adds a strong, informed voice to industry groups.

  • Conseil des industriels laitiers du Québec inc.

    (French only)
    The Conseil des industriels laitiers du Québec inc. is an association of processing and retail businesses, who oversee within the province, the different stages of manufacturing, processing and distributing of milk, dairy products and by-products derived from milk.

  • Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc.

    The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc.'s mission is to encourage the growth of the Saskatchewan food and beverage industry by assisting their members in meeting the needs of the consumer through the promotion of "Saskatchewan Made" products in and beyond their province.

  • Taste of Nova Scotia

    The Taste of Nova Scotia Quality Food Program is an association of producers and processors committed to providing premium quality food products.

  • Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals

Functional Foods and Natural Health Products
This Web site includes industry and market information and links; strategy-development initiatives and discussion papers; and links to research, policy and regulatory initiatives.

AAFC Agri-Industry Links

  • Canadian Dairy Information Centre

    The Canadian Dairy Information Centre ( CDIC) is the unique Internet reference for comprehensive and up-to-date statistics and market information on the Canadian dairy industry. The CDIC fosters partnerships and information sharing to allow dairy industry stakeholders and governments to make better business and policy decisions. The Canadian Dairy Information Centre is maintained by the Dairy Section (Market and Industry Services Branch - MISB) of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

  • Canada's Sugar and Confectionery Product Industry

    This AAFC-AAC page provides valuable statistics for the confectionery industry.

  • Food Processing Industry

    This AAFC-AAC page provides valuable statistics for the processed food and beverages industry.

  • Canada's Bakery and Tortilla Manufacturing Industry

    This AAFC-AAC page provides valuable statistics for the Canadian bread and bakery industry.

  • Provincial Milk Marketing Boards/Agencies

For a list of provincial milk marketing boards and agencies, click here.