Class 2b2/2b1 merger and February 1, 2023 prices

To streamline milk classification and increase transparency in the milk pricing system, the CDC intends to implement the following changes on February 1, 2023.

The Class 2b1 definition will be modified as follows, “Milk shakes for retail sale that comply with the federal product standard for milk shake mixes; crème fraîche, all types of fudge, pudding, and Indian sweets.”

Class 2b2 for “Milk Shakes for retail sale with a fresh milk content of less than 85% on a volume…” will be eliminated and components formerly billed in Class 2b2 will be billed in Class 2b1. The revised Class 2b1 will retain the same price and pricing adjustment for February 1, 2023. 

On February 1, 2023 milk classes prices, including 2b1, will be adjusted by 2.1922%, resulting from the National Pricing Formula (NPF). Subsequently, in the absence of exceptional circumstances, the NPF will be used with respect to milk component price changes in classes 1 to 4(d) with the exception of protein and other solids prices in class 4(a). Class 4(a) protein and other solids prices will continue to use the pricing formula stipulated in Article 3.A.3.5 of CUSMA.

The final measure will be posted on November 15, 2022.