National Centralized Registration System (NCRS)

The National Centralized Registration System (NCRS) is an online system designed to ensure that milk components are billed in accordance with their end-use. NCRS will track all transactions involving NCRS-designated products (a list of NCRS-designated products can be found in the information sheets below). The information collected through the NCRS will allow the Canadian Dairy Commission and the provincial milk marketing boards to audit the end-users of these products to verify that these are declared and billed appropriately. These end-users could be food processors, distributors or dairy ingredient users.

How to register for NCRS

If you wish to buy and sell NCRS-designated products to and from NCRS participants, you will need to register to the NCRS and obtain a registration number for the purpose of tracking your purchases and sales.
Once your application is reviewed and validated, a contract will be emailed to you for your review and signature.
Your NCRS number will be activated once the CDC has received the signed contract.


Information for Distributors
Information for Further Processors

For more information, please contact:

To access the application and register, visit
National Centralized Registration System (NCRS).