Programs for Dairy Ingredient Users

This section provides dairy ingredient users with the tools and facts they need to conduct their business. From specialized programs and services to pricing and ingredient information, dairy ingredient users can find the information they need to develop and market new dairy products, ingredients and food products.


The Special Milk Class Permit Program

The Special Milk Class Permit Program (SMCPP) which includes Classes 5(a), (b) and (c) provides eligible further processors and animal feed manufacturers with the means to access Canadian manufactured dairy ingredients, at prices that will allow them to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Restaurants (Class 3d)

Class 3(d) provides restaurants access to cheese at a reduced price for pizza prepared and cooked on site for the benefit of restaurants.

Class 4 (m)

Products in Class 4(m) are used to make animal feed such as milk replacer for farm animals.  This class is administered using permits issued by the Commission.

Special Milk Class pricing information

Information on the factors taken into account in setting the price of dairy ingredients to Special Class permit holders.


Eligibility to CDC programs is conditional on auditor access to ensure correct end-use applications.