Matching Investment Fund

Program Description

The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) remains committed to supporting an environment that encourages growth and innovation in the manufacture and use of Canadian dairy products and ingredients. The Matching Investment Fund (MIF) provides non-repayable contributions for product development projects on a matching investment basis.

The MIF is designed to help eligible companies and Food Technology Centres (FTC) with product development initiatives that help stimulate demand for Canadian dairy products and ingredients. It supports:

  • the development of new or innovative products;
  • the reformulation of existing products;
  • knowledge transfer activities;
  • technology transfer projects;
  • new opportunities for solids non-fat ingredients.

Eligible companies and Food Technology Centres (FTC) can access financial support for the following activities of product development projects:

  • Consultation: Access to advice from specialists and experts on the many areas of the product development process: management and market research, dairy and food science, technical services, and food processing.
  • Product Development: Support for product analysis, trials, and technology transfer, which includes, but is not limited to, the adoption of new or existing technologies, kitchen, lab, pilot or industrial scale tests, retrofitting of equipment, sample preparation costs, and packaging techniques.

Consultation and product development services can be accessed separately or combined depending on the nature of the project. Both types of services are designed to encourage knowledge and technology transfer.