Dairy Innovation and Investment Fund - How to apply

How to apply


Intake Period:

Project Summary forms intake period is now closed.  Additional application dates may be announced in the future.

The program ends March 31, 2033, and all projects must be completed prior to that date.

Before you apply, please read the Applicant Guide for detailed information on eligibility criteria, available funding and the application process.

The Dairy Innovation and Investment Fund has a 2-stage application process:

Stage 1: Complete a project summary form

The project summary form helps to determine your project's eligibility and whether it meets the Program criteria and priorities.

Submit your complete project summary form by email to diif-fiisl@cdc-ccl.gc.ca by November 3, 2023.

Please contact the Program if you need help to complete and submit the project summary form.

Following the submission of your project summary form, a program officer may contact you to discuss your project.  You may be invited to submit a project application package.

Stage 2: Complete a project application package

If you are invited to submit a project application package, the Program will send you the forms and instructions you will need.  For a complete list of documents that must be included with the project application package, refer to Section 1.5: Application Process in the Applicant Guide.

After you submit your application package, the Program will confirm that your application has been received.  You should not consider an application submitted to the Program until you receive this acknowledgement notice.


Please note that even if a project meets all eligibility criteria, the submission of an application creates no obligation on the part of Government of Canada or Canadian Dairy Commission officials to provide funding for the proposed project.  The Government of Canada retains discretion to determine, based on other public policy and public interest considerations, whether an application that meets the criteria identified in the Applicant Guide will ultimately receive funding.