Canadian Dairy Commission programs vitalize Canada’s dairy industry

As lead facilitator and administrator, the Commission undertakes several activities and administers several programs on behalf of the industry. The Commission works in close cooperation with provincial authorities and sector representatives to deliver programs that address its main responsibilities.


Dairy Marketing Program

Dairy Marketing Initiatives provide support to both dairy product manufacturers and food processors.  It facilitates access to the technical support and expertise required to develop new and innovative dairy and finished food products to bring them to market

Dairy Innovation Program

The Dairy Innovative Program (DIP) gives dairy processors access to milk required to produce innovative dairy products.

Domestic Seasonality Program

Domestic Seasonality Programs maintain balance in the domestic market.  When dairy production exceeds the needs of the Canadian market, the Commission buys inventories of butter and skim milk powder from processors at preset support prices.

Matching Investment Fund

The Matching Investment Fund is designed to help eligible food processors and food science centres develop initiatives to stimulate demand for Canadian dairy products and ingredients.

Restaurants Class 3(d)

The Restaurants Class 3(d) provides restaurants access to cheese at a reduced price for pizza prepared and cooked on site.

Special Milk Class Permit Program

The Special Milk Class Permit Program sets the price at which milk components are sold by provincial marketing boards.  The prices set under the program allows processors, exporters and further processors to remain competitive.